Disc Golf!

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The new nine hole Disc Golf course in open at Riley Park!


Hancock County Heroes

In late 1941, the war had come home to Hancock County, Indiana. gi-picAs hundreds of men and women joined the war effort, a quiet effort to record those who were serving was happening behind the scenes. Photos of those in service were provided by families and loved ones to be displayed, publicly, for all to see.


Historic Maps


Did you know that Greenfield had a Roller Skating Rink, in 1886? The idea of an Undertaker on every street corner, was pretty close to the truth.


Thornwood Preserve Slideshow

thornwood signThe Thornwood Preserve page has a new slide show posted. Wonder what the park looks like? Curious if the trails are difficult? Check out the slide show and see for yourself!


Wipes are not flushable!

flushable Do you use "Flushable" wipes? You may be surprised to find they are not flushable at all. In fact, they may be causing costly damage to your sewer system.




Hancock County Flyer 3
Help us to plan a better County, and a better Community.

2018 Parks Program Guide

The 2018 Parks Program Guide is available. Click on the guide photo to download now!

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Golf Cart Registrations

cart In 2017, the Greenfield City Council pased Ordinance 2017-19 allowing the limited use of golf carts on city streets. You can learn more about the requirements and licensing by following the link below.


Put your camera to work!


The Greenfield Police Department would like to partner with you to solve crime. If you have a home video surveillance system that may cover a driveway, sidewalk or roadway, we want to hear from you.

Follow the below link to list your camera with the Greenfield Police Department, and start fighting crime today!

I have a home/business security camera and I want to help.

Call before you dig


comm-links-sm   Looking for a community outreach program? Church? Planning a visit or looking for tourism information? Check our list of community links and see what services Greenfield offers.


Cemetery Spring Cleanup

Starting on March 1st, depending on the weather, the cemetery will remove and discard all decorations on all grave sites. If anyone wishes to keep any arrangement and/or personal items on flowerthe graves, they must remove them before the specified date. This is not the items on the monuments themselves.

Families are responsible for cleaning up the Christmas items and items that are in bad condition on the monuments and vases.


Frozen Pipes

frozenthermometerIt is that time of year and the temperatures are dipping below freezing again at night. Frozen water lines in our homes can be prevented.

Here some tips:
-Allow a small amount of water to run from multiple faucets.
-Shut off and drain outside water faucets before freezing occurs.
-Insulate walls nears exposed piping.

Winter is here and these tips will help make it less troublesome. You can read more about preventing frozen pipes by clicking on this link.

What is the Power Cost Adjustment on my Utility Bill?

info 32With the recent changes to the City Utility Billing system, you may have noticed a new item on your bill. The PCA charge is not new, but it was never itemized on your past bills.


Minutes available online

City Council  and Board of Works minutes are available online by clicking the buttons below.

Community Calendar

Board of Works
Tue Feb 27th 2018, 10:00am -
City Council Meeting
Wed Feb 28th 2018, 7:00pm -
Historic Board of Review Meeting
Thu Mar 1st 2018, 4:00pm -
Hancock County Republican Women
Thu Mar 1st 2018, 6:30pm -

City Services After Hours Emergency Numbers

Power & Light 800-377-5807
Sewer Dept 877-861-6077
Water Dept. 877-861-6081
Storm Water Hotline 317-325-1327
Parks Department Maintenance 317-325-1464


Contact City Hall

Greenfield City Hall
10 South State Street
Greenfield, IN 46140-2364