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Utility Service Penalty Fees and Disconnection Update

Greenfield Utilities temporarily waived late payment penalties and all service disconnections for non-payment due to the public health crisis beginning March 16, 2020. Following the August 14, 2020 expiration of the Governor’s Executive Order, we will resume penalty and disconnection procedures.
In order to assist our customers who have experienced financial hardship due to this health crisis, Greenfield Utilities has devised a four month installment plan. Customers who prefer not to be enrolled into the plan must have a $0 balance prior to their July billing date or contact the Utility Customer Service Department at (317-477-4330).
July billing dates are as follows:  Cycle 1- Billed on July 6th; Due on July 25th
                                                    Cycle 2- Billed on July 15th; Due on August 5th
                                                    Cycle 3- Billed on July 27th; Due on August 15th
All residential customers with outstanding balance in electric, water, and/or sewer on their July billing date will automatically be enrolled in a four month installment program. The installment amount will be determined by dividing the outstanding balance into 4 payments and itemized as such on their monthly invoice. Customers will need to pay their current monthly balance along with the pre-determined installment each month or they will be subject to disconnection procedures. Customers with questions about their past due accounts should contact the utility office.

Installment Plan Example:
As of July 6, 2020, Mr. Green, a cycle 2 customer has a balance of $400.00. This amount is then divided into 4 payments of $100.00 each and itemized as an installment payment on his monthly invoice. Mr. Green will only need to pay the current installment as well as his current balance each month to avoid disconnection.
Current Utility Balance: $132.00
Pre-determined Installment #1 +$100.00
Total Amount Due: $232.00

The Utility Billing Department is responsible for the following functions for all Greenfield City Utilities:

  • Receive new service requests
  • Process customer billing for utility service
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding utility bills or accounts, current and final.
  • Receive all utility payments.



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Contact Utilities Billing

Office Manager
Address: City Hall - Room 104
10 S. State Street
Telephone: 317-477-4330
Fax: 317-477-4331