Emergency Operations consist of Fire, EMS, Technical Rescue, and Hazardous Materials incidents. The Greenfield Fire Territory is staffed with 52 career and 8 part time firefighters working three 24-hour shifts. Each of the three shifts are staffed with 16 firefighters each, six being licensed paramedics, and ten certified E.M.Ts. Approximately 11 Firefighters from each shift are members of the Technical Rescue Team.

The Greenfield Territory provides emergency response with 3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, 2 Fire Engines, 1 100' Elevated Platform/Ladder, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Tanker, and 1 Grass/Brush Fire Rig. See our apparatus under the Station links on our Main Page. We respond on over 5,000 emergency calls each year.

 Customer Service is a major priority for us. We strive to provide the most efficient, economical, emergency services to our citizens. If you have any questions or comments about the emergency services that we provide please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

R.J. Beaver - Deputy Chief of Operations


City Phone Directory

Mayor's Office - 317-477-4300
Clerk Treasurer - 317-477-4310
Utility Billing - 317-477-4330
Planning (Permits) - 317-477-4320
Street Department - 317-477-4380
Power and Light - 317-477-4370
Wastewater Department - 317-477-4360
Park Cemetery - 317-477-4387
Pothole Hotline - 317-325-1680
Parks and Recreation - 317-477-4340
Water Department - 317-477-4350
Animal Management - 317-477-4367