Construction Regulation & Costs

Construction Regulation 

General regulations regarding water service are listed in Section 408 of the PIDSSM (PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT DESIGN STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS MANUAL) which can be downloaded from this link.

Questions or comments regarding these regulations or costs should be directed to either of the following departments:




No connection to any city-owned water main shall be allowed until a permit is obtained and payment of the availability or fee has been made. This charge is intended to provide funds for making extensions and replacements to the water mains, and to ensure that there is adequate capacity already in place to serve the new Customer. The charge shall be from time to time updated and fixed by the city, but effective October 1, 2021 shall be $2,000 per acre. Acreage availability fee may, in the city’s sole and absolute discretion, be excluded for areas platted for use as cemeteries, golf courses or parks.


(A) Application for New Taps. All taps for water service from the Water Distribution System shall be made under the direct authority and supervision of the Water Utility Manager. This charge is intended to provide funds for the production capacity of the treatment plants. All applications for new water service shall be made to the City’s Utility Customer Service office upon such forms as are approved by the Water Utility Manager from time to time.

(B) Scope. A property to be served by the Greenfield Water Territory, must be contiguous to a public street, alley or easement and have a public water main installed thereon.

(C) Irrigation Service Line. Any customer requesting and being granted approval to install an irrigation Service Line, shall be charged the minimum connection fee for a 1” meter as approved by the Board. Any irrigation system shall be installed in accordance with the then current specifications and standards of the Greenfield Water Utility.

(D) Fee. In any residential, business, or industrial area within the city limits, or in any area serviced by the city water mains, or in any other area where a water main is in the street, alley, or easement, and is contiguous to the property being serviced, the service pipe, material, installation, and the pipe of the service line shall be charged by the waterworks system as set forth below:
Meter Size
5/8-3/4 inch $ 1,850
1 inch 4,625
1 1/2 inch 10,730
2 inch 18,500
3 inch 42,550
4 inch 74,000
6 inch 168,350

(E) The charge listed above plus the meter deposit shall be paid in advance. As of August 1, 2010, any request for a new water service must be accompanied by a “sewer lateral approval certificate” prior to the creation of a new account.



    Contact Water Utility

    Water Utility Manager
    Address: 451 Meek St
    Greenfield, IN 46140
    Telephone: 317-477-4350

    Assistant Water Utility Manager

    Assistant Water Utility Manager
    Address: Water Utility
    451 Meek St.
    Telephone: 317-477-4350

    Distribution Supervisor

    Distribution Supervisor
    Address: Water Utility
    451 Meek Street
    Telephone: 317-477-4350

    City Phone Directory

    Mayor's Office - 317-477-4300
    Clerk Treasurer - 317-477-4310
    Utility Billing - 317-477-4330
    Planning (Permits) - 317-477-4320
    Street Department - 317-477-4380
    Power and Light - 317-477-4370
    Wastewater Department - 317-477-4360
    Park Cemetery - 317-477-4387
    Pothole Hotline - 317-325-1680
    Parks and Recreation - 317-477-4340
    Water Department - 317-477-4350
    Animal Management - 317-477-4367