Introduction to IMPA

Introduction to IMPA

Municipal power (also called public power) was founded more than a century ago to inject competition into the electric utility industry. Municipalities began operating their own electric systems to provide citizens with a necessary service for a fair price. Their low rates became the benchmark used to stabilize the climbing charges of private utilities seeking to give shareholders ever higher returns on their investment. municipal electric systems are not-for-profit companies, owned and operated by the communities they serve.


The Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) was created by a group of municipally-owned electric utilities, enabling them to share power resources and provide electricity more economically to their customers. As a not-for-profit organization owned and governed by its members, IMPA focuses on providing its 52 members with a power supply that is low-cost, reliable and environmentally responsible.


IMPA is a not-for-profit organization which is owned and governed by its members. IMPA focuses on providing its members with a power supply that is economical, reliable and environmentally responsible.


IMPA member utilities purchase their power requirements through IMPA and deliver that power to the residents and companies in their service territories. Purchasing power through IMPA, instead of purchasing or generating it themselves, helps members save money and keep electric costs as low as possible. Over its history, IMPA has lowered costs for its members by providing power supply options that were not available to individual member utilities.


Since its formation, IMPA has operated as if it face competition. IMPA focuses on keeping members and their customers satisfied by providing affordable, reliable service. To meet these objectives, IMPA decides how best to meet its members energy needs through a mix of its own generating capacity and purchased power. Through active management of power costs and service quality, IMPA has become one of the country's most competitive power providers.


Greenfield Power and Light receives it's electricity through IMPA, which owns generating facilities in the cities of Richmond and Anderson, and Gibson and Trimble Counties.  The cities of Richmond, Peru, Crawfordsville and Rensselaer also own generating facilities that IMPA may draw electricity from. IMPA purchases the remainder of demanded power from other utilities.


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