Bulk Water Program

Bulk Water is defined as the amount of water drawn from the public water system for the purpose of re-sale to customers as part of a pool water company or construction work such as boring, other related activities. Only permitted individuals or company may draw bulk water. There is only one authorized location to draw water from the public water system. That location may be changed based on needs of the City at the Water Utility Manager’s authorization.
A company that is approved for the Bulk Water Program Permit shall not use any other hydrant in the City of Greenfield Water Service Territory. Such use will result in a $2,500 civil penalty and revocation of the company’s permit for 2 years.

Current program rules and Requirements:
1) Traffic Control Safety Cones (Buffer Zone) are required when filling vehicle.
     a. Truck and/or trailers shall be parked only in the West bound lane of US 40 in front of the Bulk Water Fill Station. Law enforcement will ticket any vehicle illegally parked.
2) Hydrants and nozzle caps must be operated with an approved hydrant wrench only, and only as per posted signs and instructions.
3) Hydrants must be opened fully to prevent damage to the hydrant and closed slowly to prevent damage to the hydrant and the waterline.
4) All trucks/tankers must be equipped with an air gap or tested check valve to prevent back-siphon and possible contamination of the Greenfield Water System. The presence of an air gap must be confirm by Water Utility personnel prior to filling the first time.
5) An original permit must be in the possession of the person filling from the hydrant. An inspection of hydrant operation habits or back-flow device by the Greenfield Water Utility or any authorized department is possible at any time. An original permit for each registered vehicle will be provided. All truck numbers and their capacities must be provided for permit registration.
6) FILLING PROCEDURES (Generally) These procedures do not supersede posted signs and instructions:
    1. Fill in Company Name/Truck Number & starting meter reading on log sheet in mail box at bulk station.
    2. Verify hydrant is on/off prior to filling.
    3. Carefully operate valves to fill water tank.
    4. Carefully close valve/cap and record final meter reading on the log sheet.
    Any discrepancies in meter numbers will require a Utility Representative to visit the loading station before the hydrant is operated.
7) Annual Permit: A $80.00 annual permit fee must be paid through the Permit office at City Hall 10 S. State St. 1st Floor.
    a. Once paid, a copy will be emailed to the Water Department who will issue the key for access. The Water Department reserves the right to modify the access method as necessary.
    b. Invoices shall be mailed out monthly. See below for bulk water billing rates. Checks should be written to “City of Greenfield Water” or “Water Utility” 451 Meek Street Greenfield, IN 46140.
    c. The annual permit fee includes one key for use at the Bulk Water Fill Station.
        i. Additional Keys or replacement Keys will be charged to the permit holder
            1. Additional key $5.00 each
            2. Replacement of a lost Key: $20.00 each
8) BULK WATER SALES RATES: Users that purchase water in bulk from the city shall pay the following as per city ordinance.
    a. ANNUAL PROGRAM FEE $80.00
9) DAMAGES: Should a permit holder allow employees or other to damage any City property the permit holder will be charged a minimum of $2500 per violation. Theses damages may be in addition to other legal action penalties if City, State, or Federal environmental regulations are violated.

Contact Water Utility

Water Utility Manager
Address: 451 Meek St
Greenfield, IN 46140
Telephone: 317-477-4350

Assistant Water Utility Manager

Assistant Water Utility Manager
Address: Water Utility
451 Meek St.
Telephone: 317-477-4350

Distribution Supervisor

Distribution Supervisor
Address: Water Utility
451 Meek Street
Telephone: 317-477-4350

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Clerk Treasurer - 317-477-4310
Utility Billing - 317-477-4330
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Wastewater Department - 317-477-4360
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