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Greenfield Power and Light provides electrical service to residential and commercial customers within the Greenfield city limits.

Public power means more to us than lines and poles...
Public power is about people, the people who use our service and the people who provide that service. Every one of our customers is an owner of our utility and has a say in the way we provide power. As a locally owned and operated utility, we provide our consumer-owners with an efficient, reliable power supply for a reasonable cost. Public power helps keep the local economy healthy too. The dollars paid for electricity through Greenfield Power and Light stay right here in Hancock County.

Public power systems listen to their consumers...
Local control gives everyone a say in how our utility can best meet community needs. That makes a big difference in the rates you pay and the service you get. Public power systems are not run for profit. Our only mission is to provide you with reliable electric service at reasonable rates. There are no dividends to pay out-of-state stockholders. All the benefits of our locally controlled electric utility remain here in the community.

We at Greenfield Power and Light are...
Always There for You!


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Would you like your home to be more energy efficient? Would you be willing to make a few changes to save energy and lower your utility bills? If so, then answer this questionnaire regarding your homes energy usage, and we will provide you with an energy efficiency kit and a list of ideas to help you conserve electric and water, and begin lowering those bills right away.

Simply fill out a form to see if you qualify for a free energy audit of your home.

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"My Energy Data" is an electric utility monitoring tool for Greenfield’s customers to use to monitor their electric usage daily and monthly. The web based tool will allow customers to watch, monitor, and receive email alerts on their electric usage. This tool will help customers cut cost and save on electric usage.

"My Energy Data" is a free website tool for Greenfield’s electric customers to use whenever and wherever. You can even check your electric usage when you are away from home. To login and try out the tool, click on the "My Energy Data" link on the right side of the main menu bar.


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