Power Cost Adjustment

What is the Power Cost Adjustment on my Utility Bill?

The utility bill that you receive every month lists several individual charges (or line items) that add up to the total amount of the bill. One of the these line items is the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). PCA changes quarterly, it is important to realize that it is not due to a change in your electric rates, but due to the changing costs of the fuel used to generate the electricity that you use. The PCA line item on your bill passes these costs on to you. Greenfield Utilities does not make any extra revenue from this item - it is a pass-through cost.

All electric customers at Greenfield Utilities have been paying a PCA in their bills for many years. Until recently, your bill did not list it as a separate line item. Billing methods are continually improving, and the new billing system can easily do this. In the past, your PCA was added in to the overall kWh line item on the bill.

To summarize, the PCA:
-Is not a change in rates.
-Does not make extra revenues for your city.
-Covers the monthly increase or decrease in the cost of fuel that is used to generate some of your electricity.

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