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Credit Adjustments

Date of Record: August 15, 2003

Summer Sewer Sprinkling Credits
Residential customers will automatically receive credit on their sewage bills for water usage that exceeds their winter water average usage. The credits will be reflected on bills rendered during the months of July, August and September. Water sprinkling credits will only be provided during these months.


Water Leak Adjustments
If a customer has a water leak, inform the Utility Billing Department immediately. A copy of the plumber's work order indicating where the leak occurred and what repairs were made will be required. If the leak did not discharge water into the sanitary sewer, an appropriate sewer adjustment will be given. Leaky faucets and commodes do not qualify for a sewage bill adjustment.


Swimming Pools
Sewage bill credits will only be provided for filling a swimming pool if the customer notifies the City prior to filling the pool for the first time, or if the pool had to be drained for repairs and completely re-filled. In either instance, the City must be notified prior to filling the swimming pool. Credits will not be given for the water required to open a swimming pool in the Spring or Summer, as such water usage results in nominal costs (i.e. the monitoring cost of such circumstances would outweigh the increased cost of the customer's sewage bill).

If you have a specific question about your circumstance, please contact the Utility Billing Department at 477-4330 or by e-mail at bandrews@greenfieldin.org.

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