Why Restoring power is not just flipping a switch

Why restoring power is not
just flipping a switch

Steps power companies go thru
to restore customer's power


Step 1:

Fix substations - substations connect to high voltage lines from the main electric generating station, and reduce the voltage.

Step 2:

Fix power lines and poles - power lines and poles act as an "interstate of electricity" and connect to smaller power lines called taps.

Step 3:

Fix taps and fuses - taps are smaller power lines and wires that run from the main power lines and poles to transformers. Fuses are protective devices for the taps and transformers that isolate problems if one or the other has an issue that could interrupt power delivery.

Step 4:

Fix transformers - transformers lower the voltage from the taps. Each transformer serves up to six customers.

Step 5:

Repair individual customers' services.

Step 6:

Always attentive to the safety of the electrical workers & the public!!

Questions From Customers?

1. How long will my power be off?

The power companies always work as quick and safely as possible on trouble calls to restore the power. Depending on the size of the problem, depends on the repair time.

2. Why does my neighbor have power and I do not?

If your neighbor has power and you do not, check your breakers and then call the power company. Sometimes your neighbors may be getting their power from a different transformer.

3. Who is going to fix my damaged meterbase?

If your meterbase is damaged, it is the responsibility of the home owner to have repairs made by a qualified person (electrician) to the meterbase. The power company is responsible for the wire to the top of the riser pole feeding from the utility pole.

4. Who is going to remove my damaged tree?

The power company will clear the tree limbs away from the power lines. The trees on personal property are the home owners responsibilities to remove.

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