Meter Accuracy and Tampering

Meter Accuracy

Electric meters are extremely accurate recording devices. All meters must pass rigid testing before Greenfield Power and Light will install them. We routinely test your meter every 10 years. It is seldom found that a meter runs fast. If anything, the older the meter, the slower it will become. When your electric bill seems high, keep in mind the possibility that you might have a greater number of days included in this bill, or that you are comparing it to a previous bill where the weather conditions were not similar. It would always be better to compare your bill with the same month last year instead of comparing it to your last month's bill because of the changes in temperature. If after considering these factors your bill still seems too high, we would be happy to speak with you about some other possibilities. Please feel free to contact the Utility Billing Department by telephone or by Customer E-Feedback Form.


GP&L meter readers place high importance on reading your meter correctly. Our billing calculation allows for a window in which the reading should take place. In other words, we have an idea of what your reading is most likely going to be, therefore, allowing us a method of catching errors before your bill is printed. When a reading falls outside this window, either higher or lower than what seems normal, then the address appears on a report. From the report, a meter reader will return to the address to double-check the reading and make any necessary adjustments before you receive your monthly bill. More information about the range of dates when your meteres when your meter will be read by GP&L is available under the Billing Department FAQs.


Meter Tampering

It is illegal under Indiana Code 35-43-5-3 to tamper with your electric meter. Do not cut the seal on your meter base for any reasons. If you need your seal cut for access to the meter base, call GP&L to schedule someone to come out and help you. Energy theft is a growing problem. Although only a few of our customers have ever been found to be tampering with their meters, this problem seems to be happening more and more often. When people try to lower their own electric bills by tampering with their meter, they are not only exposing themselves to criminal charges, but also to a very dangerous situation. When you tamper with your meter, there's a good chance you'll be electrocuted or will start a fire.


When people tamper with their electric meters, they are stealing from GP&L... and from you! Just as department stores have to cover their losses from shoplifting by increasing their prices, we have to cover our losses by raising our electric bills. In effect, you are paying for the dishonesty of others!


We have trained our meter readers to recognize the signs of meter tampering. GP&L has, and will continue to, prosecute anyone who has tampered with their electric meter or tries to reconnect their electric service.


If you know, or suspect, anyone of tampering with their electric meter, or who has illegally reconnected their electric service, please call Greenfield Power and Light at 477-4370.  You do not have to give your name, but if you choose to do so, your name will be kept confidential.

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