Handgun Permits


Handgun permit applications will be processed at the Greenfield Police Department Monday through Friday, 8 am to 11:30 am and 12:30 pm to 3:45 pm. Applications will not be completed on city holidays.  Please see calendar of Greenfield City Government Holidays.

The application process takes around 20 minutes to complete.  Please plan your arrival time accordingly as personnel processing applications will not stay past designated closing hour. Individual must reside within the city limits of Greenfield.  If you have any question about your residence, call 477-4410 and we will assist you.


The Firearms Personal Protection Carry permits are now available online at http://www.in.gov/isp.  Look under the Firearms Application tab.  Follow instructions provided to complete and submit your application electronically.  Once the application has been successfully submitted, you will be given fingerprinting instructions.  Fingerprinting must now be done electronically through Identogo, you may schedule an appointment through their website here.  You MUST go to your local law enforcement agency within 60 days to complete the application process.  Please have available the following items:

  1. State issued photo ID with your correct address (Driver’s license or State ID Card)
In accordance with I.C. 35-47-2-4, no fees shall be collected for firearms licenses processed by your agency after July 1st, 2021. This includes applications that may have been created prior to July 1st, 2021.
Effective July 1, 2021 the lifetime license to carry a handgun (LTCH) will become fee exempt, per IC 35-47-2-4. The five year and lifetime LTCH may be applied for and held concurrently. Licensing Application Fees (https://www.in.goy/isp/3065.htm)
A Retired Officer/20-year Officer applying for a lifetime permit should select Lifetime Personal Protection permit as it will alleviate any need for employment documentation.

City Phone Directory

Mayor's Office - 317-477-4300
Clerk Treasurer - 317-477-4310
Utility Billing - 317-477-4330
Planning (Permits) - 317-477-4320
Street Department - 317-477-4380
Power and Light - 317-477-4370
Wastewater Department - 317-477-4360
Park Cemetery - 317-477-4387
Pothole Hotline - 317-325-1680
Parks and Recreation - 317-477-4340
Water Department - 317-477-4350
Animal Management - 317-477-4367