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Having lived in Greenfield my entire life it's hard to imagine our town without a hospital. Hancock Regional Hospital has not only been a visual focal point or our community, standing along the east side of State Road 9 just north of downtown, but it has also been a health focal point.

Hancock Regional Hospital started out as Hancock Memorial Hospital. It was the dream of Mrs. Fannie Andis. Mrs. Andis lost her one and only child at birth. She always felt that if a hospital had been in Greenfield, her child would not have died. Ultimately, she began a crusade to bring a hospital to Greenfield. She donated the 12 acres of property to the county where the hospital currently sits, and in 1951, Hancock Memorial Hospital was established.


Fannie Lee Olvey Andis (1878-1972)


Fanni Lee Olvey Andis was born in 1878 in Illinois. She married George M. Andis on August 31, 1899 in Hancock County. In 1902 the Andis' lost their only child, George M. Andis to complications. In 1935 George Andis passed away.

Donating the hospital ground was not Mrs. Andis' only venture. After World War II, Fannie deeded 638 acres of farm land that represented the life savings of three generations of two families, to Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Earlham received a net of $181,250 for the land and used the money to complete the construction of a woman's residence hall. In appreciation for the gift, the hall was named the Olvey-Andis Residence Hall.

In 1944 Mrs. Andis was in position to finally make her dream of a hospital a reality. She began making arrangements for a hospital. Fannie saw that dream become reality in 1951.

Fannie Andis passed on March 6, 1972. She is buried in Park Cemetery in Greenfield, Indiana.

As seen in the postcard photo below, several additions were made to the hospital. Awnings were added to each window. A waiting room was adding to the north of the main entrance and additional patient rooms were added to the north side of the building. I remember as a kid having to wait in the waiting area. I thought it was a very cool place because of the vending machines!


1960's era photo of Hospital


In 2000, to meet the growing health and wellness needs of the community, the Hospital relocated its fitness facility, Lifetime Fitness, to a new and larger 33,000 sq. ft. facility and renamed it Hancock Wellness, LLC. Hancock Wellness focuses on the five dimensions of wellness for a complete health regimen rather than the fitness component alone. The Wellness Center became the only Certified medical fitness centers in Central Indiana and one of only 35 in the nation. They have expanded this wellness service by opening a second Wellness Center in McCordsville.

Hancock Regional Hospital Today.


Hancock Memorial Hospital changed its name to Hancock Regional Hospital in 2005. Since then they've continued to grow.

In June of 2011 the Andis Women's and Children Unit Opened.

In 2013 03PureMed, a medical waste disposal facility collaborating with Fisk Services was added to allow for easier and safer disposal of biohazardous material.

In 2015 the hospital added a Cancer Center.

Hancock Cancer Care Center


They've also added a Center for Women's Health and a Hospice Unit.

In researching the services that the hospital provides I found that I didn't have enough space to list all them. It's easy to say that no matter what health service you need they provide it.

You will find a Bariatric Center, Cardiovascular Services, Home Medical Equipment Service, Immediate Care, Knightstown Health Care Center, Laboratory and Pathology Services, Long Term Acute Care, Neurological Services, Orthopedics Services, Pulmonary Services, Suburban Home Health Care, Surgery Center, Diabetes Services and the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation.

A hospital is a place that everyone hopes they never have to pay a visit to but we will all be glad that when the time comes we have a hospital that serves our community.


Greg Roland

Greenfield Daily Reporter
Hancock Regional Hospital

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