Flushing Notice


Fire Hydrant Flushing

Greenfield Water would like to let everyone know we are planning to start our spring fire hydrant flushing on March 25, 2024. Our target area is the east side of the water system. We will start at North Plant (Beckenhodlt Park) and flush east and south towards Mckenze. Flushing will take place during business hours and signage will be put out in the flush areas.
This is a standard maintenance practice in the water industry to insure clean, safe water by:
• Improving water quality
• Assess fire hydrant condition
• Test fire flow rate
• Monitor water system

Fire hydrant flushing process may cause:
• Low water pressure
• Temporarily discolored water from minerals and sediments that have accumulated in the water main.

What to do if your water becomes temporarily discolored:
• Avoid doing laundry while hydrant flushing is occurring.
• run your cold tap for about 15 minutes or until the water runs clear
• If you have a water softener and are experiencing discolored water, place the unit into regeneration or cleaning mode after hydrant flushing is completed in your area.

Greenfield Water Utility appreciates your cooperation with this vital, maintenance project. If you have any questions, contact the Water Utility office 317-477-4350.
Click on the image below to view a map of where hydrants are being flushed. Or you can click the following link to view the map as well. Flushing Map
Yellow Hydrant Flushing


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Assistant Water Utility Manager
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Distribution Supervisor
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