Fire Station 422

Station 22 sm

Fire Station 422 - 210 West New Road

Built in 1991 as a response to the north side industrial boom of the late 1980's, Station 22 started a massive renovation and addition project in early 2017 to adapt to the growth that the community and the department has seen since it was built. This house is built on land donated to Greenfield by Keihin IPT, the large automotive parts manufacturer located just west of the station. Station 422 not only provides quicker response times to the north side, but also houses a modern training facility along with a training tower on the property.

Station 422 Equipment


Station 422 apparatus consists of the following vehicles.

  • Engine 422 - 2014 Pierce Impel XM Rescue Pumper - 2000gpm/750gal
  • Medic 422 - 2018 Dodge/P&L Custom Ambulance
  • Grass 422 - 1996 Ford/Indiana Fire - 250gpm/350gal