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Millions of Chimney Swifts migrate to the United States from Central and South America in the spring for the summer and breeding season. Thousands of these wonderful, bug-eating birds live in and around Greenfield. However, populations have been declining over the years due to loss of habitat and they are now listed as a “vulnerable” species.
Chimney Swifts are cavity-nesters who used to live in hollow trees. With the removal of many woodlands, they adapted to live in man-made structures, such as chimneys. After people started capping or covering their chimneys, this even further limited the available roosting and nesting locations for these birds.
Even though hundreds of swifts may roost in the same location, only one pair will nest and raise a family there. So, the more roosting locations, the better chance the birds have of finding a home and raising young.
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Thank You to:
Amos Butler Audubon Society and the National Audubon society for providing the grant for this project
Joshua Gentry, and the Greenfield Parks Department for building this project from start to finish
Dave Goodrich and Robert Souchon for their knowledge and expertise with video streaming, this website, and camera installation.

Current Live Feed - Beckenholdt Park Chimney Swift Tower

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