Plugging & Sealing Abandoned Wells

Plugging Abandoned Water Wells ... a landowner's responsibility

Water wells are conduits between the land surface and the groundwater resource. If not sealed or plugged properly, abandoned wells can contribute to groundwater contamination. Common surface pollutants, including animal and human waste, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, can take the path of least resistance down an abandoned well and into an aquifer (water-bearing formation). Abandoned wells can also be a serious safety hazard, especially for children. The 1988 Indiana water well drilling statute (IC 25-39) requires abandoned wells to be sealed at the surface or plugged with impervious materials. This brochure addresses the most common questions about abandoned water wells. Specific requirements for sealing or plugging abandoned water wells are listed in the Indiana Administrative Code, 312 IAC 13, Rule 10.

More information can be found in the Indiana Department of Natural Resoources pamphlet 312-IAC 13-10 below.

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