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Greenfield's Wastewater Treatment and Collection Facility are two departments, performing complementary functions:
  • Wastewater Treatment treats City sewage before it enters the Brandywine Creek.
  • The Collection Facility maintains all sanitary and storm sewers throughout the City.

The Greenfield Wastewater Treatment Plant serves approximately 4,700 metered customers and has a flow capacity of 4.0 million gallons per day.

Our own Wastewater Superintendent was interviewed by Commomweath Engineers after the installation of the Actiflow System.




The Wastewater Department tracks weather information such as temperature, rainfall, and windspeed to ensure proper operation of the water treatment process. Click here to get detailed weather history for the weather station on the silo of the wastewater treatment plant.

Contact Wastewater

Wastewater Superintendent
Address: 809 South State Street
Telephone: 317-477-4360
Fax: 317-477-4361