City Council

The Greenfield City Council is composed of seven members, including five district representatives and two at-large representatives. All Councilmen serve four year terms, which next expire in January, 2016.

To learn more about your City Council representative, please follow the links below. If you don't know which council district or precinct you reside in, please view the City Council Map at the bottom of this page.




City Council Members



Mitch Pendlum

District 2 Councilman

Committee: Public & Traffic Safety

Gary A. McDaniel

Council President Pro-Tem

Budget Co-Chair

District 1 Councilman

Committee: Economic Development and Community Affairs


 Dan Riley

At-Large Councilman
Committee: Infrastructure, Greenfield & Hancock County Communications

Jeff Lowder

District 4 Councilman
(Precincts G-4, G-9)
Committee: Planning and Zoning


 Kerry Grass

Budget Chairman
District 5 Councilman
(Precincts G-4, G-5, G-6, and G-9)
Committee: Budget Charimen, Utilities

 Joe Skvarenina

At-Large Councilman

Committee: , Greenfield & Hancock County Communications


Keely Butrum

District 3 Councilman

Committee: Greenfield & Hancock County Communications Committee


Council Links

Use this link to view mySidewalk data for each council district. MySidewalk empowers users to view and analyze data in a fast, easy to use way that can be helpful when making development decisions, writing grants, and updating plans.

My Sidewalk Data -


Council Documents


Council Video, Agenda, and Minutes