Water Utility

The Greenfield Water Utility is responsible for the cleaning, testing, pumping, and distribution of potable water for domestic, commercial, industrial, and fire protection use in the City of Greenfield.

The Water Utility also maintains and repairs the water distribution system, water plants, wells, and elevated storage towers.  It is also responsible for maintaining and reading water meters for billing purposes.

The City of Greenfield Water Utility draws water from an underground aquifer.  Water is pumped from wells to the Water Filtration Plant. After going through the filtration and disinfection process at the plant, the water is then sent into the water distribution system.
WHPP (Wellhead Protection Program) Information

The Wellhead Protection Program or "WHPP" is a program to sustain drinking water quality in ground waters that supply wells and wellfields. The Program is mandated by the 1986 amendments to the Federal Safe Drinking Act. (Title II. Section 205. Subsection 1428.) and Indiana Wellhead Protection Rule. (327 IAC 8.4-1)

The Wellhead Protection Program consists of two phases. Phase I involves the delineation of a Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA), identifying potential sources of contamination, and creating management and contingency plans for the WHPA. Phase II involves the implementation of the plan created in Phase I, and communities are required to report to IDEM how they have protected ground water resources. The Five Year Update(s) consists of documenting changes and results from implementation of Phase II. Five Year Updates occur on a 5 year rotation as long as the drinking water system is operating.



• Dispose of harmful chemicals properly. Do not dump them on the ground or put them down the drain.
• Take used motor oil to a recycling center.
• Limit the amount of fertilizer and pesticides used on gardens and lawns.
• Properly abandon unused wells or cisterns.
• Dispose of houshold hazardous waste properly.
• Remove abandoned fuel oil and gasoline tanks properly.
• Report illegal dumping.


More Information

If you would like to view the Greenfield Water Utility's Wellhead Protection Plan, Please contact the Water Utility at 477-4350.

For more information on Wellhead Protection Plans or more ways to prevent groundwater contamination. Please visit the EPA website or IDEM website.



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City Employees Recognized

On Friday, September 12th, 2014, in Carmel, IN, Roger Pendlum, Denny Gray, and Steve Bender will receive the John N. Hurty Award for their years of service in the drinking water industry. John Newell Hurty, M.D., known as the 'Original Hoosier Health Officer', was the Indiana State Health Commissioner for 26 years (1896 - 1922) and a pioneer of safe drinking water in Indiana.

Roger Pendlum (40 years)
Denny Gray (40 years)
Steve Bender (35 years)

Congratulations and thank you for your service and dedication to The City Of Greenfield and the drinking water industry.