Hancock County Heroes

In late 1941, the war had come home to Hancock County, Indiana. As hundreds of men and women joined the war effort, a quiet effort to record those who were serving was happening behind the IBC Legacy Project Sealscenes. Photos of those in service were provided by families and loved ones to be displayed, publicly, for all to see. The photos were mounted into glass framed panels and displayed, we are told, on the courthouse lawn. No pictures of the courthouse lawn with the framed panels exists, that we are aware of, but the panels themselves survived. Nearly one thousand photos, nearly one thousand names, and without a doubt more than one thousand memories.

How did they come to be? Who managed this undertaking? Who built the panels and where were they displayed? If you know, we would very much like to hear from you. Here are a small sample of the photos we have already scanned.

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Wilson Wilbur N
Bade Darrell Eugene
Lunsford Madelyn

We have a website setup so you can see the photos as we scan them for archiving. Follow along as we preserve these historically important photos, and with a little luck, bring them back for all to see.

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