Donate a Tree Program

The "Donate a Tree" program is designed for those persons or organizations desiring to commemorate a particular event by the planting of a tree. Commemorate special occasions such as an anniversary, birthday, wedding, birth, reunion, graduation, retirement or the death of a loved one. A person or group may choose a tree from the enclosed list.

A letter will be sent to the recipient informing them that a tree has been donated and listing the names of the party donating the tree. Once the tree has been planted, we will send a follow-up letter with the date the tree was planted and the location of the tree.

Your commemorative tree may be planted in the park of your choice, Pending the Park Superintendent's approval. A plaque is currently on display at the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department's office at 280 N. Apple Street.

In addition, there is a sign at Brandywine Park displaying the names and trees that have been planted in Brandywine Park through the inception of this program.



TOP 10 Reasons We Need Trees

  1. Trees help purify the air we breathe by absorbing pollutants.
  2. Trees increase property values and improve the tax base in communities.
  3. Trees improve neighborhood appeal, attracting businesses, shoppers and homeowners.
  4. Trees cool our cities and towns by reducing heat generated by buildings and paved surfaces.
  5. Tree shade, property placed, can save an average household up to $250 annually in energy costs.
  6. Trees reduce the amount of pollutants in sewer systems, saving communities millions of dollars in water treatments costs.
  7. Trees soften harsh building lines and large expanses of pavement, making urban environments much more pleasant
  8. Trees provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, maintaining a balance with nature even in urban areas.
  9. Trees reduce the amount of water-borne pollutants that reach streams and rivers.
  10. Trees reduce levels of domestic violence and foster safer, more sociable neighborhood environments.


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Contact Parks

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Telephone: 317-477-4340
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Information: EMERGENCIES - 317-325-1464
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