Recreation Tumbling Advanced Tumbling 7-7:30 PM ages 6-10 - 4/5-5/10 Thursday Recreation_Tumbling_Advanced_Tumbling_7-7_30_PM_ages__6-10_-_1_18-2_22_Thursday

$25.00 each
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Non Resident $5

Recreation Tumbling teaches body awareness along with the combination of strength, coordination, and flexibility it takes to train and perform the skills.
Experience fundamental movements that get you moving your body in a variety of ways. Improve strength, flexibility, and motor control. Have fun, socialize, and so much more!
*Pre School features skills to work on balance, jumping, summersaults, kicks, larger motor, and more!
*Beginner offers skills like hand stands, cartwheels, low balance beams, strength building, bridges, walk overs, and more!
*Advanced has a pre requisite of a straight cartwheel and getting legs over head. Work on rounds offs, 1 handed cart wheels, flips and more!
Pre School - 5:30-6 PM ages 3-5
Beginner Tumbling 6:15-6:45 PM ages 6-10
Advanced Tumbling 7-7:30 PM ages 6-10
All Classes at the Patricia Elmore Center lower level
Session—1/25-3/1, 4/5-5/10 5/17-6/21
Registration—12/18, 3/5, 4/16
Cost Benefit—$25-R/$30-NR
8 max for Pre School & 10 max for Beg/Adv Classes

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