Birds of Nature & Art Workshop April 18 Where Eagles Soar - 3:30-5:30 PM Tiny_Tot_Pottery________PUMPKIN_PATCH_______Art_Workshop_ages_1-3_copy25031

$8.00 each
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Come explore the exciting world of birds with Bird Walk Guide Adam Wilson. This NEW Program includes an informational presentation about birds and their habitats. He will also share information on the bird watchers group which uses the Greenfield City Parks.

Artwork featuring our Indiana State Bird will include your choice of media: drawing in pencil/pastel or painting in Water Color/acrylic. You may choose from a tree branch, feeder or bird house for our creation.

*All Art Supplies Provided

*Personal and Group Instruction

*Individual & Family Groups

*Questions, photos, shared stories welcomed

WHO: Individuals & Families

WHEN: March 21 - Cardinals Call

April 18 - Where Eagles Soar

May 16 - Owls: Eyes on You

3:30-5:30 PM Wednesday

WHERE: Elmore Center Art Studio- 280 N Apple


COST BENEFIT: $8-R/$10-NR each

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