BEFORE and AFTER SCHOOL 3 DAY PER WEEK OPTION - $100-r/$110-nr Kid_Kamp_Program_2013

$100.00 each
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such as shirt size, resident, etc.
Non Resident $10

(Contact the Park Office at 317-477-4340 IF you want to enroll in this program - Otherwise, please go ahead and make your normal payment)
WHO: Greenfield Parks Pre School Families
WHAT: UPDATE to BASE Program Offerings:
    1-$150-R/$170-NR per month - 5 Days per week (payments are due every month at the same time and just like tuition payments)
    2-$100-R/$110-NR per month - 3 Days per week
    3-$72-R/$80-NR per month - 2 Days per week
    4- $40-R/$45-NR per month - 1 Day per week
    New offering prices are the same whether you need Before or After
WHEN: Staring week of August 21 - Hours 7:30 AM start for the Before School and 5:30 PM end for After School
WHERE: Greenfield Parks Pre School - Patricia Elmore Center
If you do register, you are signing up for the entire school year just like the Pre School program - AND would be responsible for payments for the entire year/program
Greenfield Parks Pre School
NOW ENROLLING—Open to children ages 3-5 (Max 13)
(signing up for whole school year)
Monday-Friday 7:30 AM start & 5:30 PM end (*follow GCSC Calendar)
Starts the week of August 21(*except start date & some holidays, etc.)
(**May be adjusted due to enrollment numbers)
Children enjoy a safe, fun, comfortable environment. Have fun through a variety of experiences. From projects to fun activities, our program helps everyone go home happy.

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