Hancock County Tourism Commission

The Hancock County Tourism Commission will work to expand tourism and extended-stay tourism within the county while promoting the local businesses engaged in such industry.

The Hancock County Tourism Commission officially began with its first meeting held on August 16, 2011 at City Hall, 10 South State Street, Greenfield, Indiana.  Regularly scheduled Commission meetings will be set in the coming weeks.  The next scheduled meeting is on September 13th, 2011 at 5pm in City Hall.

Ordinance 2001-10-A, passed by the Board of Commissioners of Hancock County, Indiana on October 15, 2001, created the Hancock County Tourism Commission.  The Hancock County Tourism Commission consists of seven appointees by the Mayor of Greenfield (2) and the Board of Commissioners of Hancock County (5).

The Hancock County Tourism Commission was created to:

(1)    promote the development and growth of the convention, visitor, and tourism industry in Hancock County;
(2)    accept gifts, grants, fees (lodging tax), and contributions;
(3)    sue and be sued;
(4)    enter into contracts and agreements;
(5)    make rules necessary for the conduct of its business and the accomplishment of its purposes;
(6)    receive and approve, alter, or reject requests and proposals for funding by corporations qualified under subdivision;
(7)    transfer money for approved proposals;
(8)    require financial or other reports from any corporation that receives funds under this chapter; and
(9)    establish a budget for the operation of the Commission.


You can download the minutes to first meeting below.

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