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Greenfield is a business-focused city.

Greenfield is intent on supporting current retail, commercial and industrial businesses and those wishing to locate in the community. With a growing city of over 20,000, we are proud to work with developers and entrepreneurs to promote economic progress from downtown Greenfield to Progress Park and throughout the city.  United with Greenfield Main Street, Inc., we are revitalizing the city’s main corridors and businesses.

Progress Park, Greenfield’s newest commercial park, is located at the entrance to Greenfield on I-70 and provides opportunities for research and development, life sciences, technology, education, and more which are adjacent to Elanco Global Headquarters.  Aggressive support, intense cooperation, focused development, low utility and tax rates, and varied incentives make Greenfield a great place to develop your business.

Together we can make it happen.

Close Proximity To A Major City


A small city in a big neighborhood

Greenfield is a close knit, family oriented city with a historic downtown and a sense of security that comes from neighbors who care about their community and each other.  The city boasts many assets such as the Hancock Regional Hospital, the new Hancock County Public Library, and the state’s second largest street celebration, the Riley Festival. The Courthouse Square District and the Greenfield Residential District are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Combine that with being 10 miles from the 14th largest city in the United States, Indianapolis, and you have the best of all worlds.   Within a thirty minute drive you can find yourself at the Indianapolis 500 race, the Nascar 400 race, Colts Football and Pacer Basketball games, the NCAA Headquarters, the International Airport, the Indianapolis Symphony, and a cosmopolitan nightlife to counterbalance the hometown feel and charming countryside that waits for you in Greenfield.


Available Industrial Business Sites


Sites available in Greenfield

Greenfield has a variety of sites ready for industrial/business park development.  Each site is privately owned and has utilities available.  The most prominent location is Progress Business Park.  The business park has several sites that are ready for development.  There is an additional 160 acres of land to the west that can be made available and accessible as a part of the Expanded Business Park. All of these site locations are adjacent to and visible to Interstate 70.

Additional sites are available south of Interstate 70. These are listed below as clickable links, and available as clickable images in the slide show to the right.  A detail sheet for each site is available in downloadable form by clicking on any of the images to the right.



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Progress Park (existing)                        New Road Industrial Park Site
Progress Park (extension)                        Barr South Site
Barr North Site                        Lark Site

Retail Commercial Space Available


Greenfield’s Economic Development Team has utilized analytical data from Buxton, community assessments, focus groups, and other research to determine businesses well-matched with Greenfield.  The team has reached out to the identified companies and others regarding locating within Greenfield.  There have been over 100 businesses which have located in Greenfield in the past three years which include: restaurants, department stores, furniture stores, personal care, health and medical establishments, technology, and many others.

The downtown is thriving with high-quality antique shops offering exquisite jewelry, fine furnishings, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind items, unique bistros and restaurants, sophisticated consignment shops, and other businesses located in historic settings.  Several other specialty shops, service-oriented enterprises, and life sciences have located along the northern corridor into Greenfield, as well as throughout the city.

The Economic Development Team and City of Greenfield strongly support the businesses which have invested in the community and those considering moving to Greenfield.  We are “open for business” and will work to advance your company regardless of its size.



Existing Industry

Existing Industries in Greenfield

Greenfield’s industry is diverse and is broadly supported by the city and its area workforce.  Some of the companies located in the city include:  life-sciences, research, automotive parts manufacturing, graphic labeling, packaging, metal coatings, custom design and engineering, and industrial fasteners.  These businesses have created a unique bond with the community by not only providing a wide variety of jobs, but also by supporting local activities and projects as excellent corporate citizens and by supporting other local industries.

To meet the growing demands of industry, Greenfield works with Purdue University, Ivy Tech Community College, Vincennes University, and Anderson University to educate those entering the workforce and to provide on-going training for those currently in the field.  These schools help Greenfield’s current industries, and those moving to the city, meet the technological and industrial needs of the 21st century.

Industries have found easy access to local areas and long-distance markets via I-70.  I-69 and I-74 are within 18 miles using State Highway 9.  Such access allows an inflow of raw materials into Greenfield and an outward distribution of finished products across the United States.



Demographics / Statistics


Hancock County Population, 2010 70,002
City of Greenfield, 2010 20,602
Total Households in Co., 2009 25,323
Median Age 39.3
Projected Co. Population, 2015 76,508


Labor Force, 2009
Labor Force 35,900
Unemployment Rate 8.3%
Income, 2009
Median Household Income 61,938
Median Gross Rent






Commuting, 2008
Commuting INTO Hancock Co. 6,736
Commuting OUT of Hancock Co. 24,609







Greenfield, It's Your Future



Greenfield has several sites that have been supplied with water, sewers, electricity, and even streets which make them ready-to-build parks.  Tax abatements may be offered on new equipment brought into the state or newly purchased equipment, on new buildings and expansions, and on land.  Other local incentives and services may be provided through discussion.

In addition to local incentives, there are various incentives available through the state, which also support locating in Greenfield. Indiana has a very competitive business tax structure, including a flat 8.5 percent corporate income tax on adjusted gross income and no gross receipts tax or inventory tax. Indiana also offers many grants, loans and economic development programs for companies creating jobs and raising income in Indiana, including tax credits based on job creation and capital investment, workforce training grants, and public infrastructure assistance. Below are some of the sites and explanations of funds available.

21st Century Research and Technology Fund - The 21 Fund helps develop and commercialize advanced technologies in Indiana.


Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit - HBI tax credits are available to a company making a “qualified investment” in an Indiana facility.

Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit - EDGE tax credits are based on the additional employee payroll withholdings for net new job creation in Indiana.


Available Sites

image image image image image image
Lark Site
Barr North Site
New Road Industrial Park Site
Barr South Site
Progress Park Extension
Progress Park